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by Jill on Ozarks Dogman

Our 11 month old GSD needed help with basic obedience. While she is a great dog she pretty much thought she made the rules around our house. We had no idea where to start with training. After talking with Jeff I was confident he could help us and we were not disappointed. While our dog was gone he sent videos everyday of her progress and kept us informed every step of the way. He was able to give a foundation for us to build on with her training. Now that she is home she has been testing us, just as Jeff said she would, but Jeff also taught us the skills we need to keep her on track and she has been doing great. He has checked in on us and is available for follow up advice. You can tell Jeff has your best interest at heart and really loves what he does. Thanks Jeff!

by Katelyn on Ozarks Dogman

My boyfriend and I are both very pleased with what Jeff has done with our dog, Klaus. We got Klaus as a young GS puppy without the understanding of how to train him and I quickly became frustrated. However, we called Jeff and arranged for him to train him. We got Klaus back today and for the first time I am honestly excited to work with him after seeing the strides that Jeff has made with him in only a week. Apart from that we also appreciate Jeff’s professionalism, reasonable price, and the patience he showed while training us to train Klaus. Last but not least we really appreciated the updates we received while Klaus was away. We would recommend Jeff to anyone having trouble with their dog in a heart beat!

by Tim Latham on Ozarks Dogman

I watched a couple videos of Jeff working different dogs on F.B. and knew he was the person I needed to help my 2 year old GSD, Rowdy. Rowdy was a good dog but he had developed some on lead and of lead problems when walking in a group. I introduced Rowdy to jeff and Jeff worked with him for about a week and then came the harder part, he had to work with me.As of date Rowdy is doing very well. He still can be a little hard headed but with very little correction, normally verbal, he gets back into shape.. Our wals now are much more pleasurable and further training will be in the future .I would recommend anyone with a large breed of dog to let Jeff help get them started in on and off lead training. Dogs just want to please and Jeff not only teaches the dog what is expected but also teaches you what the dog needs to understand his commands.Thanks Jeff and look forward to working with you again,Tim Latham

by Evan Todd on Ozarks Dogman

I have a 11 month Belgian Malinois, and this is his second session with Jeff. I first sent Miko off for obedience training back in September. Like most untrained Malinois he was wild! Jeff was able to line him out and now his obedience is excellent. I contacted Jeff months back and told him Miko is ready to tackle larger jobs, so we agreed on Tracking. Miko left with Jeff not having a clue what tracking was. One week later, Miko is doing 120yd tracks with no scuffs and only footprints through the grass. Absolutely Incredible!!!! I will keep brining Miko back to Jeff to further his skills. Jeff knows his stuff and can work out any problems you may have with your K9 or if you just want to further the dogs abilities.

by Kortnie on Ozarks Dogman
Outstanding dog trainer

Me and my boyfriend both have male German shepherds and we recently moved in together and the two did not get along whatsoever. We reached out to Jeff for help and he took them both for about week and by the end of the week, we had two incredibly different dogs. We were actually able to take the two on walks and to different places (bass pro, Petsmart, etc) and they didn’t fight. They also learned great obedience training as well. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing some training with their dogs, he was very professional and fun to work with!

by Alex Keller on Ozarks Dogman
The Reformation of Eiko Suave'

Our family adopted a 4 y/o sheperd mix about a year ago. Although smart and loving to some members of our family, Eiko Sauve' (he's so darn handsome) sought to establish rank at home and in public to a degree that left his future with us uncertain. We had made much effort to correct Eiko's behavioral problems, when a friend recommended we contact The Ozark Dogman, Jeff Ferneau. Jeff was quick to determine the root causes of Eiko's bad behavior. Eiko needed to hone his obedience and socialization skills, and we needed to reinforce his good behavior and forcefully extinguish the bad. Simple enough, but could we get this done? Jeff went to work teaching us to manage him in our own home as well as out in public by spending time with Eiko and family members separately and together in different environments. In my opinion, this approach was key to our success, as we were able to learn from Jeff in real time how to handle specific situations more effectively than before. Prior to working with Jeff, we would avoid taking Eiko into the public arena to prevent unpleasant situations. I waited to write this review as I wanted to see if what Jeff was able to do with Eiko would translate into better management on our end. After several weeks of "going it alone", I am able to take Eiko any place that dogs are allowed without worry. This is like heaven! We've been to busy pet stores on Saturday afternoons, on benches outside of a busy grocery stores, and had multiple walks in the park without incident. He can sit in the car right next to another dog and not freak out. Eiko even behaved well while at the pet store with my daughter who lives outside our home. This is unthinkable progress! Not only has Eiko Sauve's behavior improved, but we've used Jeff's guidance to improved the behavior of our other dogs as well.So Jeff, thank you for the time and energy you spent with our family! It was a pleasure!

by Evan & Aidan Todd on Ozarks Dogman
Belgian Malinois

Jeff did wonders for our Malinois. Miko needed serious discipline and guidance, but after just a week with Jeff, he came home a well mannered, extremely well behaved dog. We also really appreciate the fact that we were sent videos and pictures while Miko was away. Not only was Miko trained, but we were given the skills to continue the training at home. Even after the training week ended, Jeff has been available for additional questions or just to check up on how Miko is doing. We will be life long customers and recommend his training to anyone with a difficult pup!

by Christine Schuette on Ozarks Dogman
5 Stars!!

My 1 year old German Shepherd, Boone, was pretty scared of people (especially women and children) and other dogs. I knew he was picking up on my fears when trying to introduce him to others and I needed help. I happened to run into Jeff and his wife, and quickly decided that Boone would be going to camp for a week at their house! Boone warmed up to him right away, and within days he was doing so much better. Jeff sent me videos and pictures almost daily! After a few days, my husband and I met Jeff and Boone at a dog park in Springfield so he could teach us how to introduce Boone to others. The day we picked him up, he worked with is again for a couple of hours at Bass Pro. There were a lot of people and a few dogs, and Boone was happy to see all of them. It was pretty precious watching Boone lick kids hands, when a few weeks earlier he would have been hiding behind me... He is practically a new dog!Boone wasn't agressive, but I was scared of what could happen, so I had to have someone else teach us. I am now confident in myself that I can continue to work with him and be in control of the situation. Jeff is wonderful and really knows what he's doing! I definitely plan to go back and work with him in the future. Thanks, Jeff!!

by Sharon Davis on Ozarks Dogman
Rottweiler evaluation

I was researching different training techniques and trainers in order to advance my puppy to the stage I thought she should be in. Unfortunately, it was a very nerve-wrecking process trying to find the right person for the job though. I was not only worried about the well-being of my puppy, I was also nervous she wasn't going to reach her full potential if I couldn't find someone that could help train her properly.Finally, someone told me about Jeff (The Dog man). My first thought was, this is going to be another frustrating phone call and the search will most likely continue for a while.It wasn’t.  I am so glad I reached out and talked with Jeff! I took my 8-month-old puppy to meet Jeff. He was very professional, he knew his stuff, and they got along great.  I left Izzy to be evaluated and Jeff did a thorough job. He recognized things in her that others had missed and helped me become more aware of how I can advance her training. He assured me she was well taken care of during her entire stay. He even sent pictures during her stay, which was comforting. She looked so happy, it made me wonder if she even wanted to come home. When Izzy returned she had more confidence then when I dropped her off. He provided me with tips and good ideas to continue to improve Izzy's confidence and to wing her off the "trick for a treat" training method.  Finally, here was a person that could see the potential in her that I could, that has the knowledge to help get her there.I was exceptionally happy with the service he provided and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.I would reccomend Jeff to anyone wanting the best for their dog.

by Ramon Seelye on Ozarks Dogman
GSD Trainer

A coworker told me about Ozarksdogman for training my 6 month old GSD. I checked out the website and saw it was Jeff, retired K-9 officer. I had worked with Jeff a couple times before he retired and saw how he handled/worked his K-9. I knew if anybody could help me get past the wall I ran into training my GSD it was Jeff. I contacted Jeff and we discussed the behaviors I was experiencing with him and my difficulty training him. Jeff had him four days and he was a different puppy. Jeff even took the time to train me so that I could continue his training at home. I will tell you my GSD is now well behaved, calm, and responds to commands. My GSD bonded with Jeff as soon as they met. Jeff was amazing on how quickly he trained him. He had him obeying commands within an hour or two of training him. I received updates, photos and videos, during the training. Jeff is simply amazing and I will recommend him to anyone.

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