All good dog training begins and ends with obedience. No matter what type of training you are interested in receiving, I will begin with establishing solid basic obedience. This will consist of sit, down and heeling correctly on leash. Once these behaviors are mastered more advanced tasks can be taught if you wish.

Tracking/ Trailing

This behavior shows a dogs’ ability to follow a scent trail, either human or ground, to locate a person or a reward (toy). Not all dogs are suited for this particular activity, because they simply lack the proper instinctual drive necessary. Some common breeds that normally perform well in this discipline are Bloodhounds, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, Bassets, Beagles, Coonhounds and Pointers.

I can evaluate your dog and quickly determine whether it is a candidate for this activity or not. Tracking/Trailing is a fun activity for both the handler and the dog.

Article Search

This discipline involves the dogs’ ability to locate articles that have been lost or hidden by a person. Everything a person touches leaves trace amounts of human odor on that article for a period of time. I can teach your dog to locate the human odor in the breeze then follow that odor to the article. The dog is trained to then lay down next to the item and stare at it. This activity can be done on or off leash. Again, some breeds will be much better suited for this discipline than others. I have performed many public K9 demonstrations over the years and article searches seem to be a crowd favorite.

Personal Protection

Unfortunately, violent crime in our country is rising and folks here in the Ozarks are seeing more now than we ever have in the past. A properly trained dog can protect you, your loved ones and your home when responsibly deployed. Good candidates for this type of training are loyal, alert, strong and intelligent.

Not all breeds are cut out for this type of training but some that might be are; German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois’, Belgian Tervurens, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers and Doberman Pinschers. My goal in providing protection dog training is to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. I also strive to mold your dog into a happy and social companion that enjoys family interaction.

Ozarks Dogman can train your dog in some or all of the following personal protection areas:

Interior Home Protection

Victims report home invasion robbery as one of the most terrifying crimes to endure. In many cases homeowners are assualted then tied up by their attackers. Even if you aren’t home during the crime, you still return to a house that has been ransacked by the burgler.

During training your protection dog will learn to defend its’ family and home. Your dog will be exposed to all areas of the home focusing on exterior/ interior doors and windows. During contact with the intruder, your dog will be exposed to various confidence building techniques including blank gunfire. This conditioning process will prepare your dog in the event the intruder is armed and helps ensure it will stay in the fight. Training will occur at various hours during the day and night with all protection areas offered.

Exterior-Home Protection

During training your protection dog will be exposed to all areas outside your home to include: Fences, gates, walls, sheds, barns, detached garages and other outbuildings. Wooded areas, bushes and high grass locations that could provide concealment for an intruder will also be focused on.

During this training your dog will learn to use it’s keen natural senses to detect an intruder on your property and engage the threat. Scenarios will include both in sight and out of sight pursuits of intruders. Your dog will remain vigilant and protective, standing guard for you and your family 24/7.

Vehicle Protection

With the increased sophistication of car alarms, stealing parked vehicles has become more difficult. Criminals have turned to carjacking in recent years as a terrifying and sometimes deadly alternative. Unfortunately, in some cases the criminal speeds away in your vehicle while your child is still inside! During this training your protection dog will learn to key on suspicious individuals who approach the vehicle. Your dog will also learn to strongly defend you and anyone else inside the vehicle when the need arises.


Having a loyal well trained protection dog at your side in this situation will provide that special peace of mind we all desire for ourselves and the ones we love.

In this training your dog will be taught to maintain a level of high alert to it’s surroundings at all times. Various scenarios will be used to heighten your dogs’ protective senses through the use of suspicious persons and aggressive attackers. The locations used for this type of protective training may include city streets, public parks, parking lots and parking garages.